Ulrike Gerhardt, Daniel Falb, Friedemann Heckel, John Beeson

Post-Studio Tales

Daniel Falb (editor), Ulrike Gerhardt (editor), Friedemann Heckel (editor) with John Beeson (editor); Stan Back (author), Kathrin Busch (author), Daniel Eguren (author), Karen Eliot (author), Something Fantastic (team of architects, authors), Lizaveta German (author), Susanne Husse (author), Isabelle Lumpkin (author), Jenny Nachtigall (author), Stefan Römer (author), Jörn Schafaff (author), Alexandra Stähli (author) as well as the artists Bradley Alexander, Anatoly Belov, Mitya Churikov, Sarah Elliott, David Goodman, Thomas Jeppe, Tina Kämpe, Wilhelm Klotzek, Martin Kohout, Burk Koller, Wojciech Kosma, Florine Leoni, Raphael Linsi, Laura McLardy, Anna Möller, Konrad Mühe, Flavia Spichtig and Pedro Wirz.

Post-Studio Tales (P-ST) is a curatorial research and publication project examining the conditions of artistic practices today in view of their locatedness and materialization. Including text, commentary and conversation between artists, theorists, curators and architects, this publication intends to contribute to the notion of ‘post-studio’ practices in the arts.

To accommodate for transversal digressions, P-ST was conducted as a research project which included eighteen artists living and working in an architectural setup designed by Something Fantastic at District Berlin. In rendering the whole space of District one grand studio, the setup blurred any delimitation of art/nonart, production/nonproduction etc., making artistic form and form-of-life converge and delivering an ongoing postheroic comment on the issue of art and everydayness.

Including an introduction by two of the Post-Studio Tales’ editors Daniel Falb and Ulrike Gerhardt, essays by Kathrin Busch and Jörn Schafaff, two roundtable conversations of the editors John Beeson and Friedemann Heckel, various interviews and artistic contributions, the publication also contains a selection of images and a detailed timeline. Design by Jan Steinbach, Sarah Brockmann/ Studio Taube.

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Back, Stan; Eguren, Daniel; Busch, Kathrin; Eliot, Karen; Fantastic, Something; German, Lizaveta; Husse, Susanne; Lumpkin, Isabelle; Nachtigall, Jenny; Römer, Stefan; Schafaff, Jörn; Stähli, Alexandra

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Ulrike Gerhardt, Daniel Falb, Friedemann Heckel, John Beeson

Post-Studio Tales

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Design: Jan Steinbach, Sarah Brockmann

ISBN: 978-3-86485-102-5

Hamburg 2015

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