Hg. Livia Paldi, Olav Westphalen

Sensitivity Training – Art and Humour in Nervous Times

In an eclectic selection of contributions by artists, humorists and writers, this book outlines the operations of ambiguous humor, of jokes that are impossible to reduce to any one meaning and argues that they are of the utmost importance for our civilization.


Table of Contents


Margarita Dorovska
A Note from the Director

Lívia Páldi
Comedy Disrupted

Cecilia Edefalk
From “The Legacy of Hilma af Klint”

Alex Kwartler
If I am one thing can I not also be its opposite?

Roee Rosen
The Standard Edition

Annette Geiger
What Are We Really Laughing At? On the Origins of Cartooning

Olav Westphalen
Sensitivity Training: Curatorial Statement

Kasia Fudakowski
Reflections on Repetitive Comic Cruelty

Samuel Nyholm
Interstellar Stavros

Olav Westphalen
So Nervous

Pamela Lins
On Not Being Not Quirky

Mike Bouchet
Six Film Synopses from the “New New Age Film Festival”

Andreas Fägerskiöld
Which is what follows.

David Geers
Smart Contract: Theses on Humour and New Online Territories

Tatenda Mbudzi
Pages from My Joke Book

Lars & Olav
Lars & Olav at Moderna Bar

Artist Biographies
Image Credits

Sensitivity Training – Art and Humour in Nervous Times

Art and Humour in Nervous Times

Hg. Livia Paldi, Olav Westphalen

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